Rhododendron Trude Webster


Rhododendron Trude Webster has gigantic trusses of pink have a great clarity, on a plant that is compact and upright. This plant has won the American Superior plant award. Height 1.5m Flowering in October

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Trude Webster Rhododendron – Grand Clarity in Pink Floral Splendor

Description: The Trude Webster Rhododendron unveils gigantic trusses of stunning pink blooms that gracefully transition to a soft pink hue at the center with delicate spotting on the upper lobe. This compact and upright plant boasts an exceptional clarity in its floral display, radiating elegance and charm throughout its blooming season.

Growth and Prestigious Recognition: Proudly showcasing its American Superior Plant Award, this rhododendron, stemming from the parentage of the Countess of Derby selfed, matures to a minimum height of 1.5 meters over a decade. Its compact and upright growth pattern adds to its allure, creating a striking presence in gardens.

Floral Grandeur and Award-Winning Beauty: In October, the Trude Webster Rhododendron graces gardens with its magnificent pink blooms, renowned for their clarity and captivating appearance. The softening to a gentle pink at the center further accentuates its beauty, making it a standout feature in garden landscapes.

Additional Traits and Recognition: Apart from its exceptional floral display, robust vigorous growth habit, this rhododendron boasts resilience and beauty, leading to its prestigious accolade, the American Superior Plant Award. Its recognition highlights not only its striking appearance but also its adaptability and appeal among gardening enthusiasts.

The Trude Webster Rhododendron, celebrated for its grand clarity in pink floral splendor, stands tall as an award-winning beauty, adorning gardens with its magnificent blooms in October, enriching landscapes with its elegant presence and renowned accolades.

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