Fertiliser options

Fertilising your rhododendrons is crucial for their overall health and growth. It is important to note that rhododendrons require a slow-release acidic fertiliser that contains magnesium and iron, and small amounts of fertiliser is more beneficial for the plant than large annual applications. Here at Rhododirect, we recommend dividing the suggested amount of fertiliser by three and applying a third just before flowering, a third just after flowering, and the last third in March. This reduces the risk of fertiliser burn occurring on the plants from applying too much fertiliser.

Regular watering is crucial to ensure that the fertiliser is being released evenly into the soil to feed the plants. The fertiliser should be spread on the surface of the soil on the drip line of the rhododendron plant. It is important to note that rhododendrons do not like lime, and if you have lime chip on your driveways or pathways, lime can leach into the garden and cause the plant to turn yellow.

By following these guidelines, you can help ensure your rhododendrons remain healthy and vibrant for years to come.  If you are wanting to ensure that you are using the correct fertiliser we have our own specialist slow release acidic rhododendron fertiliser available SHOP LINK