All rhododendrons are subject to a quality check before being despatched, if for any reason the quality of a particular plant is not quite up to standard we will contact you to discuss options prior to despatch.

We invite all customers to contact us within 24 hours of receiving their rhododendrons to discuss any quality concerns that they might have.  After this time we assume that you are happy with your plants and their care is now in your hands and our quality process is completed.

We are pleased to report that we have not yet had a plant arrive damaged from the courier journey.

Because we are unable to assess the care that they have received once they have reached their destination we will not replace a plant that has died in your care.

Our plants are not grown in glass houses, they are grown in very exposed conditions and are as hardy as you will find them anywhere.  They are watered every day and are used to regular watering while in their pots, once in the ground they will not require the same watering that they did in their pots, however the most common reason that rhododendrons do die is due to a lack of water.  So do keep the water up to them.  It is not just a requirement until they get established, but for the whole of their lives.