Rhododendron Helene Schiffner


Elevate your garden with the Helene Schiffner Rhododendron. This stunning variety boasts pristine white flowers. With a compact height of 1.2 meters after 10 years, it’s a perfect choice for any garden. Enjoy its enchanting blooms in October.

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Helene Schiffner Rhododendron

Description: The Helene Schiffner Rhododendron is a captivating ornamental shrub renowned for its exquisite white flowers. This particular variety is highly favored for its pristine white blooms and stunning appearance. It’s perfect, upright, dome-shaped trusses are a sight to behold, making it a desirable addition to any garden or landscape.

Foliage: The Helene Schiffner Rhododendron features narrow, deep green leaves with reddish stems, forming a lush and vibrant backdrop for the stunning white blossoms. The dense foliage completely covers the plant, creating a beautiful, evergreen landscape throughout the year.

Growth Information: This delightful rhododendron typically reaches a minimum height of approximately 1.2 meters after ten years, making it a manageable and compact addition to your garden. Its blooming season is particularly noteworthy, with flowers gracing your garden in the enchanting month of October.

Helene Schiffner Rhododendron is a captivating specimen, well-suited for a range of garden settings, from ornamental beds to mixed shrub borders. It’s remarkable white blossoms, coupled with lush green foliage, make it a stunning centerpiece, adding elegance and charm to your shady outdoor space.

Why Choose Helene Schiffner Rhododendron:

Pristine white flowers.

Compact, upright, dome-shaped trusses that provide a visually striking presence.

Evergreen, narrow, deep green leaves with attractive reddish stems.

Minimum height of 1.2 meters after 10 years, suitable for various garden designs.

Blooms in October, extending the beauty of your garden into the fall season.

Care Instructions: For optimal growth and flowering, Helene Schiffner Rhododendron thrives in well-drained, acidic soils. Provide it with partial shade or dappled sunlight for best results. Regular pruning and deadheading can help maintain its shape and promote abundant blooms.

Elevate the aesthetics of your garden with the timeless beauty of the Helene Schiffner Rhododendron. Order yours today and enjoy the year-round charm of this enchanting shrub.

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