Rhododendron Mount Everest


Rhododendron Mt Everest is a prolific producer or white flowers with a little red brown speckling in the throat. One of our most popular white rhodos. Height 1.2X1.5m Flowering in October Is quite hardy.

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Mount Everest Rhododendron: A Spectacular Pure White Beauty

Elevating Garden Elegance: Witness the allure of the Mount Everest Rhododendron, renowned for its pristine, pure white blossoms. This majestic Rhododendron evolves into a stunning focal point, forming a mound-shaped specimen, expanding 1.5m wide and reaching 1.2m in height over ten years.

Versatile and Beautiful: Thriving in sunlit and semi-shaded environments alike, this Rhododendron delivers equal charm in various settings. Collect this beauty along with its companions, the Ed Hillary and Tensing varieties.

Heritage and Splendid Growth: With possible heritage from campanulatum, griffithianum, and catawbiense, this Rhododendron matures to a dome shape. Its breathtaking display of pure white flowers graces gardens in New Zealand, offering a mesmerizing sight every October.

Bringing Home the Beauty: Transform your garden with the Mount Everest Rhododendron! Purchase this exquisite variety and its companions online now or visit us at our nursery to bring home the beauty of these remarkable Rhododendrons.

Parentage: (possibly campanulatum, griffithianum and catawbiense)
Height 1.2m x 1.5m by 10 years
Flowering Time: October in NZ

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