Rhododendron Unique Marmalade


Unique Marmalade Rhododendron: Where Elegance Meets Vibrancy

Discover the Unique Marmalade Rhododendron, a garden delight that marries elegance with vibrant colors. Its bright red buds unfurl to reveal rosy pink flowers with an orange throat, featuring a wavy edge and delicate spotting. Standing at 1.2 meters, it bursts into bloom in October, adding an exquisite touch to your garden.

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Introducing the Unique Marmalade Rhododendron: A Marvel of Nature

The Unique Marmalade Rhododendron is a botanical masterpiece that combines the finest qualities of the Unique rhododendron with a stunning twist of vibrancy. This exceptional plant is a testament to nature’s creativity, boasting a wealth of remarkable features.

Vibrant Blossoms: One cannot help but be captivated by the Unique Marmalade Rhododendron’s bright red buds that gracefully unfurl to reveal rosy pink flowers with a striking orange throat. The blossoms are adorned with a delightful wavy edge and delicate spotting, adding an exquisite touch to your garden. The vibrancy of these flowers is unparalleled.

Perfect Height and Timing: Standing at an impressive 1.2 meters after a decade of growth, this rhododendron makes a statement in any garden. Its flowering season, occurring in October, ushers in a riot of colours that will leave you spellbound.

A Legacy of Excellence: The Unique Marmalade Rhododendron is the result of a carefully crafted lineage, with parentage tracing back to the remarkable pairing of ‘Orange Marmalade’ and ‘Unique.’ This unique heritage ensures that your garden will flourish with a plant of exceptional beauty and quality.

Make space for the Unique Marmalade Rhododendron in your garden, and experience the joy of nurturing this horticultural gem. With its vibrant blooms, perfect height, and exceptional lineage, it’s a plant that will be the envy of all who visit your garden.

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