Rhododendron Black Magic


Rhododendron Black Magic this black-red appeals to people who don’t usually like the reds. One of the deepest reds there is. Good sized trusses are held well too. Dark green foliage, Sun tolerant. Height 1.2 Flowers in November RhodoDirect Favourite!


Discover the Captivating Black Magic Rhododendron for Your Garden

Introducing the Black Magic Rhododendron, a mesmerizing botanical wonder that redefines the allure of deep reds. Standing at a minimum height of 1.2m after 10 years, this stunning beauty emerges from the enchanting parentage of ‘Jean Marie de Montague’ and ‘Leo,’ showcasing a unique and alluring hue that even red skeptics can’t resist.

With its robust and well-maintained trusses, the Black Magic Rhododendron boasts one of the deepest red shades available in the botanical realm. Complemented by lush, dark green foliage, this resilient plant remains a sight to behold, flowering during November.

Thriving in the southern hemisphere, this variety is hailed for its exceptional sun tolerance and hardiness, making it an ideal addition to any garden landscape. Its enduring and striking colour, coupled with its sturdy nature, ensures an enduring, captivating presence that continues to astonish.

Key Attributes of the Black Magic Rhododendron:

  • Stunning deep red hue that defies expectations
  • Well-sized trusses held with poise and elegance
  • Lush, dark green foliage for year-round beauty
  • Blooms during November, extending the flowering season
  • Resilient and sun-tolerant for versatile landscaping options

Experience the allure of the Black Magic Rhododendron and redefine your garden’s aesthetic with this resilient, captivating, and stunningly beautiful addition.