Rhododendron Trewithian Orange


Discover the Trewithian Orange Rhododendron, the epitome of orange rhododendron beauty. With its vibrant orange blooms, unique rounded foliage, and adaptability to dappled shade, this garden wonder is a must-have for your outdoor oasis. Explore our selection and add a touch of horticultural excellence to your garden today. Height 1m Flowering in October.

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Trewithian Orange Rhododendron: Nature’s Masterpiece in Orange

The Trewithian Orange Rhododendron, often hailed as the best among orange rhododendron varieties, is a horticultural wonder that graces gardens with its exceptional beauty and unique characteristics. Here, we delve into the remarkable features that make this hybrid a must-have for garden enthusiasts.

Vibrant Orange Blooms: This exceptional rhododendron is distinguished by its pendant-shaped flowers that radiate a clear and captivating orange hue. Renowned as the best in its class, the Trewithian Orange Rhododendron adorns your garden with a burst of radiant colour. These stunning blooms are the embodiment of nature’s artistry.

Unique Rounded Foliage: The Trewithian Orange Rhododendron is not just about its blooms; it also boasts rounded foliage that adds a touch of uniqueness to your garden’s green canvas. Its compact, round leaves are a testament to its extraordinary appeal.

Perfect for Shaded Gardens: This rhododendron thrives in dappled light shade, making it an excellent choice for gardens that require a touch of respite from the harsh afternoon sun. Providing the right shade is key to ensuring this plant’s optimal growth and bloom.

Hybrid Excellence: The Trewithian Orange Rhododendron is the result of a remarkable hybridization, combining the strengths of ‘concatenans’ and ‘Full House.’ This lineage contributes to its exceptional qualities and ensures a garden spectacle that is second to none.

Customizable Growth: One of the many advantages of this rhododendron is its ability to be pruned to create a dense habit, allowing you to tailor its growth to suit your garden’s design and space requirements.

Minimum Height After 10 Years: With proper care and ideal conditions, this rhododendron typically reaches a height of around 1 meter after a decade of growth.

Flowering Time: Experience the Trewithian Orange Rhododendron in its full glory during the enchanting month of October when its radiant blooms come to life.

Incorporate the Trewithian Orange Rhododendron into your garden, and witness the transformation of your outdoor space into a haven of beauty and serenity. Its unparalleled orange blooms, unique foliage, and adaptability make it a garden treasure that will be the envy of all who visit.

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