Rhododendron Black Sport


Rhododendron Black Sport produces deep magenta flowers with an almost black eye. The deepness of the colour gives the flowers a rich, silky appearance. Very popular with purple fans. Lovely deep green foliage Height 1.5m Flowers in November. This rhodo regularly flowers in Autumn as a second flowering”


Black Sport Rhododendron: Majestic Deep Magenta Blooms

Prepare to be captivated by the Black Sport Rhododendron, adorned with mesmerising deep magenta flowers boasting an almost black eye at their center. The richness of its color imparts a luxurious, silky allure to these blooms, making them a cherished choice among admirers of purple hues. Complementing these stunning blossoms is the backdrop of lovely, deep green foliage.

A Tapestry of Elegance: Derived from the esteemed parentage of Britannia and Purple Splendour, this rhododendron attains a stature of 1.5 meters within a decade, creating an elegant presence in any garden. Its flowering time in October marks the arrival of vibrant color, infusing the landscape with its breathtaking beauty.

Autumn Delight and Coastal Adaptability: Beyond its main flowering in October, the Black Sport Rhododendron treats admirers to a secondary autumn flowering, presenting a slightly looser truss that adds an extra touch of charm. This adaptability makes it well-suited for coastal positions, thriving without a penchant for extremely hot summers or cold winters.

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Parentage: Britannia x Purple Splendour
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1.5m
Flowering Time: October


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