Rhododendron Sir Robert Peel


Rhododendron Sir Robert Peel light cerise red conical trusses cover this plant. Very old and popular NZ hybrid. Vigorous and easy to grow. This is the rhodo you see in paddocks on the west coast of the south island that are tree size. Height 1.5m Flowering in October

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Behold the timeless beauty of the Sir Robert Peel Rhododendron, adorned with light cerise-red conical trusses that blanket this plant in a stunning display. This venerable and beloved New Zealand hybrid has stood the test of time, earning its popularity across the country. Known for its vigor and ease of growth, it remains an enduring favorite, especially prevalent in the expansive paddocks of the West Coast of the South Island, where it often reaches tree-like proportions.

While typically reaching a height of 1.5 meters within a decade, the Sir Robert Peel Rhododendron has a reputation for continuously expanding beyond this size, showcasing its robust and vigorous nature. Its flowering season in October marks a splendid moment in gardens, infusing the landscape with its captivating color.

Fun Fact: Recognizable by its slight blue hue, the long, finger-like leaves of this rhododendron add to its distinctive charm. Furthermore, its sun-tolerance sets it apart, allowing it to thrive in varying light conditions, making it a versatile choice for different garden settings.

Another remarkable aspect of the Sir Robert Peel Rhododendron is its versatility in landscaping. It can be successfully trimmed to create a hedge, offering not only aesthetic appeal but also functional use in garden designs, adding privacy and beauty simultaneously.

Whether gracing open fields or adorning gardens, this rhododendron embodies elegance, resilience, and adaptability. Its enduring popularity and timeless beauty make it a cherished addition to landscapes, a living testament to its exceptional qualities.