Rhododendron Admiral Piet Hien


Rhododendron Admiral Piet Hien has deep pink buds open to light pink flowers with darker pink edging with a green throat in October. Slightly blueish new growth appears on the plant as it reaches 1.5m in 10 years.

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Admiral Piet Hein Rhododendron – Elegance in Pink Floral Harmony

Description: Behold the Admiral Piet Hein Rhododendron, boasting deep pink buds that gracefully unfold into light pink blooms accentuated by darker pink edges and a charming green throat. Embraced by slightly bluish new growth, this variety embodies elegance and a harmonious blend of captivating floral hues.

Characteristics and Floral Presentation: With an exquisite floral presentation, this rhododendron flourishes in October, showcasing its remarkable transformation from deep pink buds to the delicate and enchanting light pink flowers adorned with darker pink edges. The presence of a subtle green throat adds a unique touch to its visual allure.

Growth Traits and New Growth Aesthetics: While details on its parentage are pending, the Admiral Piet Hein Rhododendron matures to a minimum height of 1.5 meters over a decade. Its slightly bluish new growth not only augments its aesthetic appeal but also adds depth and character to its foliage, enhancing its overall elegance in garden landscapes.

The Admiral Piet Hein Rhododendron, celebrated for its mesmerising pink floral harmony and unique foliage characteristics, emerges as a captivating addition to gardens. Its October blooms, with their graceful transformation and delicate features, captivate onlookers, making it a prized gem among rhododendron enthusiasts.

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