Rhododendron Gordon Valley Supreme


Gordon Valley Supreme has large pink flowers with a lighter centre. This vigorous rhodo grows to 3m in height and prefers a dapple shade area to protect its large leaves. Flowers in December.


Step into the realm of the Gordon Valley Supreme Rhododendron, a magnificent variety that boasts large, captivating soft pink flowers adorned with a lighter center. This vigorous rhododendron commands attention with its impressive stature, reaching heights of up to 3 meters. This beauty showcases its splendid floral display, adding a touch of elegance to summer landscapes as it starts to flower the beginning of December!

Preferring a dappled shade environment, this rhododendron demonstrates its appreciation for protection from direct sunlight, particularly to safeguard its large, soft green leaves. This foliage, a defining feature of the plant, contributes to its overall charm and visual appeal throughout the year.

Fun Fact: Patience is a virtue with the Gordon Valley Supreme Rhododendron! While its vigorous growth habit is evident, it rewards the gardener’s patience by initiating its flowering journey in its fourth year of growth. Once it begins to bloom, its large pink flowers create a magnificent spectacle, enhancing the autumn landscape with their beauty.

Despite its robust growth, this rhododendron maintains a bushy habit, ensuring a well-formed and substantial presence in the garden.

Whether incorporated into woodland gardens, used as a focal point in large landscapes, or as part of mixed shrub borders, the Gordon Valley Supreme Rhododendron exudes an aura of grandeur, offering a stunning display that evolves with the seasons.