Rhododendron Surrey Heath


Rhododendron Surrey Heath has pretty rose pink flowers with paler edging. The foliage islong and narrow while growth is tight and mound like This rhododendron is suitable for a smaller garden or at the front of a border in a larger garden Hardy as. Height 1m Flowering in October

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Surrey Heath Rhododendron: Resilient Beauty for Sunny Landscapes

Meet the Surrey Heath Rhododendron, a hardy and compact dwarf variety designed to thrive in full sun. Its robust nature and tight growth habit craft a natural topiary effect effortlessly, forming a charming mound-like shape that captivates the eye. Embracing a fusion of Yak, Brit, and Fabia hybrid lineage, this resilient beauty adorns gardens with a stunning display of rose-pink flowers, which gracefully transition into an enchanting blend of pink and white hues as they fade. This picturesque transformation often earns admiration, resembling a delightful bouquet of flowers in the garden.

A remarkable feature of the Surrey Heath Rhododendron lies in its foliage, adorned with indumentum, a natural shield that wards off the insect Thrips. This adds to its appeal as a low-maintenance yet visually captivating addition to any landscape.

Enhance your garden’s allure with the resilient beauty of Surrey Heath Rhododendron! Delight in its captivating floral display and easy-to-maintain features, perfect for sunlit landscapes. Explore our collection at RhodoDirect and invite this charming topiary-like addition to your garden, effortlessly infusing elegance into your outdoor space.

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