Rhododendron Jingle Bells


Rhododendron Jingle Bells is a low growing dense shrub covered in loose trusses. Red in bud opening to a true apricot colour. Flowers are pendant shaped. Well known strong variety. Needs to be kept a close eye on for fertiliser as requires plenty of fertiliser to keep the leaves a great colour. Height 1m Flowering in October

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Jingle Bells Rhododendron: A Vivid Symphony of Colors

The Jingle Bells Rhododendron orchestrates a captivating visual symphony with its small bell-shaped flowers. It begins its performance with bright red buds, which gracefully unfurl into pretty blooms transitioning from a vibrant salmon orange hue to a delicate pale apricot throughout the flowering season.

Compact Beauty in a Circular Form:

Standing at a height of 1.2 meters, Jingle Bells forms a delightful small and compact bush, naturally taking on a circular ball shape. Its preference for shelter from the intense afternoon summer sun highlights its care needs. Among the favorites at RhodoDirect, this variety earns acclaim for its rich apricot-colored flowers and buds, akin to the festive hues of Christmas.

Bell-Shaped Blooms and Textural Appeal:

The bell-shaped flowers of Jingle Bells assemble into a loose truss, creating an enchanting floral display. Its smaller leaves contribute to its textured appearance, adding a unique visual element to any garden. Its early blooming period in October makes it a delightful choice, especially as a Christmas-themed gift due to its name and seasonal flowering.

Jingle Bells Rhododendron masterfully blends vibrant color transitions, compact circular growth, and textured foliage, making it an ideal addition to gardens seeking a symphony of colors and textural diversity.

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