Rhododendron Christmas Cheer


Rhododendron Christmas Cheer is well known as one of the first rhododendrons to flower in spring. Masses of deep pink buds open to very pale pink flowers, flushed with mid pink outer margins. Deserves a sheltered spot from the frost. Height 1.2m Flowering time July/August

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Christmas Cheer Rhododendron: An Early Winter Wonder

The “Christmas Cheer” Rhododendron is a true harbinger of the festive season. It is renowned for its early flowering, beginning in July, which can be quite the horticultural challenge when faced with frost. However, this resilient rhododendron has a secret weapon—plant it beneath the protective canopy of deciduous trees, and watch it defy the frost, creating a breathtaking spectacle even in snow-prone regions. With its tight bushy habit and reputation as one of the first rhododendrons to bloom in spring, “Christmas Cheer” is a delightful addition to any garden, provided it’s nestled in a sheltered spot away from the icy fingers of winter.

Early Winter Blooms with Frost-Defying Brilliance: “Christmas Cheer” rhododendron doesn’t wait for the snow to melt before making its grand appearance. Its striking, deep pink buds open to reveal very pale pink flowers adorned with mid-pink outer margins, creating a captivating colour contrast that adds vibrancy to your winter garden. Although flowering in July can be challenging due to frost, this rhododendron has a clever strategy. When positioned under deciduous trees, the tree branches act as a natural shield, reducing frost damage and allowing “Christmas Cheer” to put on a fantastic display even in snow-prone areas. It’s a truly enchanting sight to behold, defying the winter’s chill with its beauty.

Tight Bush Habit for Neat and Tidy Landscaping: If you’re a fan of tidy and well-maintained gardens, “Christmas Cheer” is your ally. This rhododendron boasts a tight bush habit, maintaining an organized and compact form. Its neat growth ensures that it doesn’t take up unnecessary space in your garden while still making a significant visual impact.

An Early Bloomer for a Head Start: As one of the first rhododendrons to flower in spring, “Christmas Cheer” welcomes the new season with its exquisite blossoms. It’s a charming reminder that winter’s grip is loosening, and the promise of a colourful garden is on the horizon. This early bloomer provides a head start for your garden’s transformation into a vibrant oasis.

Parentage: (caucasicum hybrid) The “Christmas Cheer” rhododendron carries the legacy of its caucasicum hybrid parentage, which contributes to its unique and robust characteristics. This heritage gives it the strength to face the challenges of early flowering in frost-prone conditions.

Flowering Time: August while it starts flowering in July, “Christmas Cheer” rhododendron continues to bloom into August, making it a delightful, extended Christmas gift for your garden. It’s a reminder that nature’s gifts are worth waiting for and savouring.

Frost Shelter for Optimal Growth: To nurture the brilliance of “Christmas Cheer,” it’s crucial to provide it with a sheltered spot away from the frost’s harsh touch. This care ensures that your rhododendron will thrive and consistently grace your garden with its enchanting display.

In summary, the “Christmas Cheer” rhododendron is a remarkable early winter wonder that defies frost and snow with its vibrant, pale pink blooms. Its tight bush habit, early flowering, and shelter requirements make it a perfect addition to your garden.

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