Azalea Homebush


Azalea Homebush is a bright pink double, ball-shaped trusses of flowers in November. A beautiful
Knaphill Ghent Azalea. Height 1m. Deciduous.

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Azalea Homebush is a stunning deciduous azalea that produces bright pink, double, ball-shaped trusses of flowers in November. This beautiful Knaphill Ghent Azalea grows to a height of 1 meter, making it an excellent choice for adding vibrant color to your garden.

Ideal for borders, mixed beds, or as a striking focal point, Azalea Homebush thrives in well-draining, acidic soil and prefers a sunny to partially shaded position. Regular watering during dry periods will keep the plant healthy and blooming profusely. Minimal pruning is required; simply trim lightly to maintain its shape and deadhead old flowers to encourage new growth.

Enhance your garden with the vibrant pink blooms of Azalea Homebush today!