Rhododendron Cheer


Rhododendron Cheer is a very good overall plant with plenty of deep green glossy leaves, full rounded trusses of light pink flowers. Full and vigorous habit. Magnificent October flowering, height 1.2m

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Introducing the delightful Cheer Rhododendron, a splendid addition to any garden landscape that brings joy and vibrancy in abundance. This remarkable plant, born from the union of Cunningham’s White and a red catawbiense seedling, boasts an impressive array of deep green, glossy leaves, setting the stage for its spectacular display. Its full and rounded trusses adorned with pink flowers with a speckled dark pink eye creates an enchanting sight, signaling the arrival of early spring in a truly magnificent fashion.

Beyond its ornamental beauty, the Cheer Rhododendron is a powerhouse in the garden, showcasing a vigorous and robust growth habit. Its resilience and adaptability make it a versatile choice for various garden settings, thriving in different light conditions. With a minimum height of approximately 1.2 meters after a decade of growth, this rhododendron strikes the perfect balance between presence and manageability, making it an ideal candidate for smaller garden spaces or as part of mixed shrub arrangements.

Adding to its allure, the Cheer Rhododendron blooms in late September to early October, bridging the gap between seasons with its stunning floral exhibition. Its early blooming nature ensures a captivating start to the flowering season, heralding the forthcoming burst of colors in the garden.

Fun fact: Rhododendron Cheer is a close cousin to Rhododendron Christmas Cheer.

With its glossy foliage, captivating blooms, and resilience to varying environmental conditions, this rhododendron is a gardener’s delight. Low maintenance requirements, including regular watering and occasional pruning, ensure that its charm remains intact season after season.

Whether nestled among other shrubs, gracing borders, or standing proudly as a standalone specimen, the Cheer Rhododendron’s vibrant presence and early spring showmanship make it a cherished gem for garden enthusiasts seeking both beauty and resilience in their garden landscapes.

Discover  Rhododendron Cheer in full bloom—check out our YouTube video below that includes more fun facts about Rhododendron Cheer.

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