Rhododendron Bumble Bee


Rhododendron Bumble Bee produces great big flower. Good clear purplish blue with a black eye. Well rounded plant with dark green pointed leaves. Vigorous grower, would make an amazing hedge. Sun tolerant Flowers in November height 2m. Smells of raspberry jam!


Bumble Bee Rhododendron: “Majestic Blooms in Purplish-Blue Splendor”

The Bumble Bee Rhododendron boasts grandeur with its sizable, clear purplish-blue flowers accentuated by a striking black eye—a true spectacle. Its well-rounded form is adorned with dark green, pointed leaves, adding depth to its allure. This vigorous grower isn’t just a beauty; it’s ideal for creating a stunning hedge, thriving remarkably even in sunnier conditions.

Derived from the (‘Purple Splendour’ x ‘Blue Ensign’) lineage, this rhododendron reaches a minimum height of 2 meters after a decade, gracing gardens with its November bloom. A favorite for its resilience, it’s known to regrow vigorously from wherever it breaks off in strong winds, making it a perfect fit for tricky, windy, hot positions. Offering some shade only fuels its growth, making it an excellent choice for hedging.

A delightful secret: some say you can recognise the Bumble Bee variety by its flowers’ sweet scent resembling raspberry jam. Testimonials confirm this charming characteristic, adding another layer of fascination to this already captivating plant.

Parentage: (‘Purple Splendour’ x ‘Blue Ensign’)
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 2m
Flowering Time: November