Rhododendron Fastuosum Flore Pleno


Rhododendron Fastuosum Flore Pleno has double lavender/blue flowers with a large golden flare on the upper dorsal lobe. Strong and hardy plant. Will tolerate sun Height 2m Flowers in November

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Fastuosum Flore Pleno Rhododendron: “Double Lavender-Blue Blooms with Golden Flare”

Indulge in the beauty of the Fastuosum Flore Pleno Rhododendron, featuring exquisite double lavender-blue flowers adorned with a grand golden flare on the upper dorsal lobe—a true marvel.

Derived from the catawbiense x ponticum lineage, this robust and hardy plant reaches a minimum height of 2 meters after a decade, gracing gardens with its breathtaking blooms in November. Its strength and endurance allow it to tolerate sun exposure, adding versatility to its appeal.

As one of our best sellers, this rhododendron stands as a testament to its popularity, captivating garden enthusiasts with its stunning floral display and remarkable resilience.


Parentage: (catawbiense x ponticum)
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 2m
Flowering Time: November

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