Rhododendron Helen Deehr


Rhododendron Helen Dehr is one of the best foliage rhododendrons, with broad darkest green leaves and heavy indumentum on new growth. Tight mounding habit. Clear watermelon pink buds fading to pale pink 1m, Height 1m Flowering in October

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Helen Deehr Rhododendron – A Foliage Marvel with Enchanting Pink Blooms

Description: The Helen Deehr Rhododendron stands as a pinnacle among foliage rhododendrons, showcasing broad, lusciously dark green leaves adorned with a dense indumentum on fresh growth. Its tight, mounding habit creates an elegant presence in gardens, coupled with a delightful display of buds transitioning from clear watermelon pink to a serene pale pink.

Growth and Appearance: Reaching a modest height of 1 meter over a decade, this variety flaunts a remarkable foliage charm, attributed to its parentage—derived from the Unknown Warrior and the yakushimanum rhododendrons. In the northern hemisphere, it’s noted as red; however, in the southern hemisphere, it displays a definite pink hue, adding regional charm to its allure.

Flowering Spectacle: October marks the season when the Helen Deehr Rhododendron adorns gardens with its captivating blooms. Despite being known for its foliage, its transition to charming pink blooms elevates its aesthetic value, captivating onlookers and attracting admirers.

Special Traits: Beyond its captivating appearance, this rhododendron boasts thrip resistance, ensuring its beauty remains unmarred. Its adaptability to sunlight positions it as a sun-tolerant variety, while its dense growth naturally shapes into a topiary ball, adding a sculptural element to garden landscapes.

Unique Appeal and Versatility: This cultivar holds a distinctive allure, not only for its foliage but also for its enchanting bloom display. Its ability to thrive in various regions, exhibiting different color perceptions, enhances its versatility and appeal, making it a prized addition to gardens seeking both beauty and functionality.

The Helen Deehr Rhododendron stands as a testament to foliage brilliance complemented by enchanting pink blooms, offering a unique fusion of aesthetics and resilience in garden landscaping.

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