Rhododendron Anna Rose Whitney


Rhododendron Anna Rose Whitney produces large deep rose pink flowers. This is a vigorous plant that quickly becomes a tall and upright bush but maintains good shape. Sun tolerant and hardy  reaching a height of 2m easily.


Welcome to the world of the Anna Rose Whitney Rhododendron, a botanical wonder that promises to transform your garden into a paradise of deep rose pink trusses. This vibrant shrub boasts large, show-stopping flowers that stand out in any landscape. But its appeal doesn’t end there.

Thriving in acidic, well-draining soil, this rhododendron is a hardy beauty, known for its adaptability to various light conditions. From partial shade to full sun, it gracefully adorns gardens with its lush, dark green foliage. Its upright growth habit, coupled with a vigorous nature, makes it a quick grower, reaching heights of around 2 meters in just ten years.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Anna Rose Whitney Rhododendron is a resilient plant, enduring colder climates with ease. Once established, it requires minimal maintenance, making it a hassle-free addition to your garden. Its evergreen presence provides year-round interest, ensuring your garden remains visually captivating even when not in its October flowering season.

Moreover, this rhododendron isn’t just a delight for the eyes; it’s a haven for pollinators. Bees and butterflies flock to its blossoms, contributing to the thriving ecosystem in your garden. Whether as a standalone focal point or as part of a mixed shrub border, this versatile plant offers endless landscaping possibilities.

The parentage for this rhododendron comes from griersonianum x ‘Countess of Derby’ creating a robust strong vigorous growing plant.

Whether you’re seeking a specimen plant or a charming addition to your garden ensemble, the Anna Rose Whitney Rhododendron delivers. Its striking appearance, low maintenance needs, and adaptability make it a cherished asset for both seasoned and novice gardeners alike.