Rhododendron Edith Boulter


Rhododendron Edith Boulter produces soft lavender-pink blooms delicately frilled at the edges. Height 1.2 Flowering in October. Thrip resistant.

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Enter the enchanting realm of the Edith Boulter Rhododendron, a stunning beauty adorned with soft lavender-pink blooms delicately frilled at the edges. This exquisite rhododendron presents a picturesque sight in gardens, offering a touch of elegance and charm. Beyond its visual allure, this rhododendron stands out for its remarkable thrip resistance, ensuring a healthy and vibrant display of blooms.

Aside from its beauty, the Edith Boulter Rhododendron is a perfect choice for compact urban gardens. Its relatively small and compact growth habit makes it an ideal fit for smaller garden spaces, adding a touch of grace without overwhelming the landscape. Its adaptability to urban settings offers urban gardeners an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of rhododendrons without space constraints.

Flowering in October, this rhododendron provides a delightful burst of color during the spring-to-summer transition, enhancing the garden landscape with its soft-hued blooms. Its flowering season marks a celebration of nature’s beauty, captivating onlookers with its elegant display.

Fun Fact: Rhododendrons, including the Edith Boulter variety, thrive in acidic, free-draining soil. Their preference for well-drained, acidic conditions is essential for their healthy growth and vibrant blooms, contributing to their long-lasting beauty.

With a minimum height of approximately 1.2 meters after a decade of growth, this rhododendron strikes a balance between stature and manageability, offering a lovely presence without overpowering the garden. Its ability to thrive in urban settings, coupled with its low maintenance needs, makes it a sought-after choice for city dwellers seeking floral beauty in limited spaces.

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