Rhododendron Lucy Lou


Lucy Lou Rhododendron is a lovely compact grower which produces a profusion of pure white snow white flowers.  Delightful fuzzy rounded small alpine leaves which are a light green.

Height 1metre in ten years.

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Discover the beauty of Lucy Lou Rhododendron, a charming and compact shrub that delights with a profusion of pure white snow-white flowers. Standing at a height of 1 meter, this rhododendron blooms in October, adding a touch of elegance to your garden. The flowers, about the size of an old 50-cent piece, create a stunning visual impact.

With small leaves reminiscent of Princess Alice Rhododendron, Lucy Lou thrives in shady spots, making it an excellent choice for ground cover. Its adaptability to different light conditions and its striking floral display make it a sought-after addition to any garden.

Curious about Lucy Lou Rhododendron? Feel free to reach out and let’s chat about this great rhodo and how it can be placed in your garden.

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