Rhododendron Marion Street


Rhododendron Marion Street has pretty soft pink flowers on a very tight and compact dwarf plant. Has tomentum on the leaves whisch is a deterant to thrips. Height 1.5m Flowers October

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Marion Street Rhododendron: A Graceful Display of Soft Pink Elegance

In the realm of rhododendrons, the Marion Street variety stands as a testament to elegance and charm. This delightful plant showcases exquisite soft pink flowers that gracefully adorn its remarkably tight and compact dwarf frame. With a projected height of 1 meter over ten years and a flourishing bloom period in October, the Marion Street Rhododendron promises to illuminate gardens across the Southern Hemisphere.

Soft Pink Elegance Unveiled: The Marion Street Rhododendron captivates with its stunning display of soft pink blooms. From its tightly compacted form emerge these delicate flowers, bestowing an aura of grace and beauty upon any garden. The gentle transition from buds to enchanting pink flowers is akin to witnessing nature’s own painting come to life, adding whimsy and allure to your outdoor space.

Compact Beauty for Your Garden: For gardeners seeking a harmonious blend of charm and space-saving design, the Marion Street Rhododendron is the perfect choice. Its compact growth habit, reaching a height of 1 meter, and a width of 1 meter in a decade, allows for versatile placement within various garden settings. Be it as a border, part of a hedge, or nestled within garden beds, this rhododendron’s neat form adds picturesque allure to your landscape.

October’s Blooming Spectacle: In the heart of October, the Marion Street Rhododendron puts on a show-stopping performance. It graces your garden with a breathtaking display of delicate pink flowers, adding a burst of color and vibrancy to the autumn landscape. Its impeccable timing ensures that your garden remains a sight to behold throughout the season.

Yak Lineage for Resilience: With its lineage featuring the Yakushimanum rhododendron, the Marion Street variety boasts natural thrip resistance. This invaluable trait safeguards your garden’s beauty, keeping troublesome pests at bay and allowing the rhododendron’s elegance to shine through unblemished.

Adaptable Beauty for Every Garden: Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just beginning your journey, the Marion Street Rhododendron fits seamlessly into diverse garden designs. Its adaptability and easy care make it a valuable addition to New Zealand gardens, thriving in various conditions and showcasing its beauty across the landscape.

In essence, the Marion Street Rhododendron brings forth a graceful and enchanting aura with its soft pink elegance. Its compact growth, splendid October blooms, and inherent resilience make it a prized addition to gardens across New Zealand. Whether for a splash of color, defining garden spaces, or simply reveling in nature’s beauty, the Marion Street Rhododendron promises delight and inspiration.

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