Rhododendron Gretsel


Rhododendron Gretsel has superb dark green foliage with indumentum. Beautiful salmon orange edging enhances the pastel pink flowers. Flowers October Height 1.2m

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Welcome to the world of the Gretsel Rhododendron, a true testament to nature’s artistry and elegance. This exceptional plant showcases superb dark green foliage adorned with stunning bronze tomentum and indumentum, adding depth and texture that captivates the eye. Complementing this foliage masterpiece are its pastel pink flowers, delicately edged with a beautiful salmon-orange hue, creating a striking contrast against the lush green backdrop.

Flowering in October, the Gretsel Rhododendron presents its breathtaking display just as the season begins to transition. Its blossoms, coupled with its unique foliage, create an enchanting scene that elevates any garden landscape, offering a splash of color and texture .

With a growth height of approximately 1.2 meters within a decade, this rhododendron strikes a balance between stature and manageability, making it an excellent choice for various garden settings. Whether planted as a standalone specimen or incorporated into mixed shrub borders, its beauty is undeniable.

Fun Fact: Pairing the Gretsel Rhododendron with its counterpart, the Hansel Rhododendron, completes a stunning set. The Gretsel, born from the parentage of bureavii and Fabia, offers its unique allure, while the Hansel presents its own captivating features. Collecting both varieties adds depth and diversity to your garden, creating an ensemble that showcases nature’s diverse beauty.

Preferring a filtered light and well-draining soil conditions, this rhododendron is relatively low maintenance, requiring only regular watering and occasional pruning to maintain its exquisite form and charm.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener seeking unique additions or a novice looking to enhance your garden’s appeal, the Gretsel Rhododendron is a prized gem that promises to elevate your outdoor space with its unparalleled beauty and distinctive characteristics.

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