Rhododendron Alice


Rhododendron Alice has a large upright truss that opens as two tones of pink, the edge of the flower is a deeper pink.  As days pass a clear solid pink colour develops.  It’s plentiful foliage is tough and will tolerate some sun.  Height 2m

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Alice Rhododendron – Graceful Transition of Two-Toned Pink Blooms

Description: Meet the Alice Rhododendron, adorned with an impressive large upright truss that unveils enchanting two-toned pink blooms. Initially presenting with a deeper pink edge, these blossoms gracefully transition over time to a clear, solid pink hue. Abundant and resilient foliage characterises this variety, displaying durability even in partially sunlit areas.

Distinctive Traits and Parentage: Derived from a griffithianum hybrid, the Alice Rhododendron matures to an impressive height of 2 meters over a decade. Flowering in late October, its flowering spectacle, while not as vivid as Anna Rose Whitney, exudes a restrained yet elegant charm. Its controlled growth makes it an ideal choice for urban gardens, offering a graceful presence without overwhelming spaces.

The Alice Rhododendron, renowned for its captivating transition of two-toned pink blooms into a clear, solid pink hue, stands as a testament to restrained yet elegant growth. Its adaptability to urban settings, combined with its stunning floral display, establishes it as an ideal choice for those seeking grace and charm in a garden landscape.

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