Rhododendron Winsome


Rhododendron Winsome both attractive foliage and flower. Compact habit with glossy leaves and flowers which open watermelon pink and fade to yellow pink Height 1.2m Flowering in late October

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Winsome Rhododendron – Harmony of Foliage and Delicate Watermelon Pink Blooms

Description: Discover the Winsome Rhododendron, a captivating blend of enchanting foliage and delightful bell-shaped flowers. This compact beauty boasts glossy leaves and mesmerizing bell-shaped blooms that gracefully open to reveal a captivating watermelon pink hue, adding an alluring charm to any garden landscape.

Distinctive Features and Parentage: Derived from a lineage of (wardii x FC Puddle) crossed with (Mrs Betty Robertson), this rhododendron matures to a modest height of 1.2 meters over a decade. Flowering in late October, its amazing new burgundy foliage serves as a captivating highlight, enhancing its visual appeal. Moreover, its ability to tolerate sunlight makes it a versatile choice.

Contrast and Garden Accent: The Winsome Rhododendron presents a picturesque contrast plant that stands out beautifully amidst verdant greenery. Its remarkable burgundy foliage and delicate watermelon pink blooms create an eye-catching contrast, making it an ideal choice for gardeners seeking a striking yet harmonious addition to their green spaces.

The Winsome Rhododendron, celebrated for its captivating contrast and harmonious blend of foliage and watermelon pink blooms, emerges as a standout choice for garden landscapes. Its ability to harmonize foliage and floral beauty while offering a stunning contrast sets it apart as an exquisite addition to any garden setting.

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