Rhododendron Chionoides


Rhododendron Chionoides “Tolerant of sun and exposure, a compact good doer. Plant growers wider than high. White flower with a yellow speckle. Also known as Lemon Ice. Height 1.2m Flowers late October

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Chionoides Rhododendron: The Suburban Delight

Welcome to the world of Chionoides Rhododendron, a hardy and adaptable shrub that thrives in various conditions, perfect for complementing the aesthetic of suburban new builds! Also referred to as Lemon Ice, this rhododendron boasts a remarkable tolerance for sun and exposure, making it a steadfast performer in gardens.

Sun Tolerance and Compact Growth:

Chionoides Rhododendron is a resilient plant that withstands sun exposure exceptionally well. Its compact nature extends horizontally, providing a wider spread than height. This characteristic growth pattern contributes to its versatility, making it an excellent addition to suburban landscapes seeking both resilience and elegance.

Blooms of White with Yellow Speckles:

Adorning itself in October, the Chionoides rhododendron unfurls delicate white flowers adorned with captivating yellow speckles. This unique combination enhances its visual allure, creating a picturesque display against its lush green foliage.

Enduring Heritage and Ideal Positioning:

Derived from Ponticum hybrid lineage, this rhododendron exhibits robustness and endurance, making it an ideal choice for suburban gardens. Position it strategically in new build landscapes to add a touch of elegance and charm, leveraging its ability to thrive despite varying conditions.

Perfect for Suburban Landscapes:

Chionoides Rhododendron stands as a testament to its adaptability and resilience, making it an ideal choice for suburban gardens. Its ability to endure sun and exposure, coupled with its distinctive white blooms with yellow speckles, makes it a picturesque addition to any landscape.

The Chionoides Rhododendron, with its sun tolerance, distinct blooms, and adaptability, stands ready to grace suburban gardens with enduring beauty and elegance.

Parentage: Ponticum hybrid
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1.5m
Flowering Time: October


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