Rhododendron Grande


Rhododendronn Grande This plant can grow to a 30 foot tree in time. Very large foliage, the leaves are enormous greyish green with silvery indumentum underneath.Three inch bell shaped flowers appear in rounded trusses of 20-30 blooms.  Flowers can be pale pink, creamy yellow or white, blotched purple in the nectar pouches. Will need good shade. Height 1.5m

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Behold the majestic Grande Rhododendron, a plant that can grow into a 30-foot tree over time. Its foliage is truly impressive, featuring enormous greyish-green leaves with silvery indumentum underneath, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance. The Grande Rhododendron produces three-inch bell-shaped flowers in rounded trusses of 20-30 blooms. These flowers come in various shades, including pale pink, creamy yellow, or white, with purple blotches in the nectar pouches, creating a stunning display.

With a height of 1.5 meters, the Grande Rhododendron blooms in September, marking the arrival of its beautiful flowers. It thrives best in good shade, making it an ideal choice for shaded garden areas.

We currently offer five distinct varieties of the Grande Rhododendron. For inquiries or to reserve your preferred variety, please contact Lisa 021 746 368.

Curious about the Grande Rhododendron? Feel free to reach out and let’s discuss how this majestic rhododendron can transform your garden