Rhododendron Starbright Sateurnes


Rhododendron Starbright Sateurnes a very unusual star shaped flower. Each petal is long and pointed. Light champagne in colour with a dark eye Compact growth Height 1.2m, Flowering in Late October

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Starbright Saturnes Rhododendron: Uniquely Shaped Floral Elegance

The Starbright Saturnes Rhododendron stands out with its extraordinary star-shaped blooms, featuring elongated and pointed petals that exude an air of distinctive beauty. Sporting a light champagne hue with a captivating dark eye at its center, this rhododendron offers an intriguing and unconventional floral display.

Distinctive Floral Structure:

What sets the Starbright Saturnes apart is its exceptional star-shaped blossoms, showcasing petals that are long, pointed, and gracefully arranged. The light champagne color, coupled with the intriguing dark eye, accentuates the allure of this unique flower.

Compact Growth and Floral Resemblance:

With a compact growth habit reaching 1.2 meters in height, this variety bears resemblance to the Starbright Champagne, differing primarily in the slightly rounder petal formation. Its growth pattern and striking floral appearance render it an exceptional addition to any garden seeking a touch of the oriental in its floral aesthetics.

Unique Appeal and Ideal Conditions:

Starbright Saturnes boasts an extraordinary allure, offering an unconventional take on traditional rhododendron flowers. It thrives best in dappled shade areas, imparting an oriental charm with its unusual floral structure, setting it apart as a distinctive gem in any garden.

Starbright Saturnes Rhododendron presents an exquisite floral display with its uniquely shaped, star-like blossoms, infusing a touch of elegance and distinctive beauty into any landscape,

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