Rhododendron Cherry Cheesecake


Rhododendron Cherry Cheesecake has pure white blooms with dark pink edging and a deep burgundy blotch funnel-shaped blooms. Good compact form and shape. Height 1.2m

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Rhododendron Cherry Cheesecake: A Delectable Display of Ruffled White Blooms with Crimson Accents

Indulge in the delightful beauty of Rhododendron Cherry Cheesecake, a stunning shrub that captivates with its exquisite funnel-shaped flowers. These pure white blossoms adorned with ruffled, dark pink edges and a striking deep burgundy blotch create a picturesque contrast, resembling the delectable dessert that inspired its name.

Striking Floral Presentation: Cherry Cheesecake boasts a dazzling array of funnel-shaped blooms that showcase an elegant palette of white petals accented by vivid crimson edges. These striking flowers create an eye-catching spectacle in any garden, adding a touch of charm and sophistication to the landscape.

Compact Form and Vigorous Growth: Despite its more compact nature, Cherry Cheesecake impresses with its vigorous growth. Its lovely rounded leaves contribute to its compact, well-shaped form, maintaining an attractive appearance even as it matures. This low-growing rhododendron offers a robust presence without compromising its charming shape.

Versatile and Evergreen: With a mature size of 1.2 meters in both height and width, Cherry Cheesecake emerges as an evergreen specimen that enhances borders or stands as a picturesque feature in any garden setting. Its resilience and striking appearance make it a versatile choice for landscaping needs.

Sun Protection for Optimal Growth: Cherry Cheesecake, though resilient, thrives best when shielded from the intense afternoon summer sun. Providing protection allows this vibrant shrub to flourish, ensuring its continued display of exquisite blooms and maintaining its well-defined, compact structure.

Unveil the enchanting beauty of Rhododendron Cherry Cheesecake, a captivating shrub that delivers a delightful visual treat with its ruffled white blooms and rich crimson accents. Perfectly compact and vibrant, it adds a touch of elegance and allure to any landscape while flourishing under proper care and sun protection.

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