Rhododendron Good News


Good News Rhododendron: A 1.5m tall late-blooming shrub with striking red flowers in spring. Ideal for gardens seeking vibrant floral displays and resistance to verticillium wilt. Prefers mostly sun to partial shade and thrives in moist, well-drained acidic soil.

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Good News Rhododendron: Vibrant Blooms for Garden Delight

The Good News Rhododendron, a broadleaf evergreen shrub, boasts lush green foliage and bursts forth with striking red flowers during the spring season. This variety adds a delightful fuzzy texture to any garden and serves as a magnet for bees, contributing to a vibrant and lively garden ecosystem.

For optimal growth, this shrub prefers a location with mostly sun to partial shade and thrives in consistently moist conditions with regular watering. To ensure its prosperity, it’s best planted in well-drained, rich, and acidic soil. Notably, this variety stands as a favorable option for those seeking resistance to verticillium wilt.

Belonging to the Rhododendron genus, the Good News Rhododendron is recognised for its vivid blooms, making it a popular choice to infuse vibrant colors into garden landscapes. With an average height ranging between1.5m and a spread width, this shrub stands tall, captivating with its remarkable floral display.


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