Rhododendron Kings Ride


Rhododendron Kings Ride has pale pink buds open to white flowers. Flowers in November. A perfectly shaped round bush that has quite a different look to its foliage. Height 60cm Flowering in November

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Kings Ride Rhododendron: The Compact Elegance

Meet the Kings Ride Rhododendron, a testament to grace and compact beauty. This rhododendron, characterized by its pale pink buds that gracefully unfold into pristine white flowers, boasts a unique appeal that stands out in any garden landscape. Blooming in November in the South Island, NZ, it brings late-season charm to your outdoor space.

Unique Foliage and Thrip Resistance:

Not just a visual delight, the Kings Ride rhododendron offers more than meets the eye. Its perfectly shaped, round bush, coupled with its distinct foliage, presents an aesthetic that’s both distinctive and appealing. Moreover, its inherent thrip resistance ensures its resilience, making it a reliable addition to your garden.

Compact and Sun-Tolerant Beauty:

Standing at a compact height of 60cm, this rhododendron embodies tightness and compactness, forming an elegant centerpiece in your garden. Its ability to maintain a tight and compact stature lends itself well to various garden settings. Additionally, its sun tolerance further enhances its versatility, adapting to different light conditions with ease.

The Kings Ride Rhododendron isn’t just a stunning visual addition; it’s a resilient and adaptable shrub that offers unique foliage, thrip resistance, and the capacity to thrive under varying light conditions.


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