Rhododendron Barmsted


Rhododendron Barmsted a very floriferous plant with rose pink flowers lighter pink towards the centre with a darker spotted eye. New growth is silver changing to dark green on a compact plant Height 1.2m Flowers in October



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Barmstedt Rhododendron – A Rose Pink Beauty

Indulge in the sheer splendor of the Barmstedt Rhododendron, boasting a magnificent array of show-stopping rose pink flowers with a darker spotted eye that blanket the entire plant. This hardy and compact beauty stands as a testament to resilience, showcasing its vibrant display during October, a time when it thrives and enchants gardens.

With an impressive stature of 1.2 meters, the Barmstedt Rhododendron delivers a breathtaking floral spectacle.

The Barmstedt variety embodies the spirit of resilience and elegance, with its profusion of rose pink flowers creating an awe-inspiring vista. Its compact nature ensures it remains well-managed, while its hardy constitution promises a reliable and stunning bloom year after year.



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