Rhododendron Yak FCC


Rhododendron Yak FCC one of the most popular rhododendrons in the world! Pale pink buds open to blush white flowers. This plant won a first class certificate at a Royal Horticulture show. Superior form and foliage. Height 1m Flowering in October

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One of the most popular Rhododendrons in the world!


Yak FCC Rhododendron: Nature’s Compact Marvel

Introducing the Yak FCC Rhododendron, a beloved and esteemed variety that has garnered global acclaim in the gardening world! This magnificent rhododendron boasts a unique charm, opening pale pink buds that gracefully unfold into stunning blush-colored flowers. Recognised with a prestigious first-class certificate at a Royal Horticulture show, this plant stands as a testament to its superior form and foliage.

Allure of the Yak FCC:

Yak FCC Rhododendron stands tall at a modest height of about 1 meter, showcasing its compact growth habit. In October, its delicate pale pink buds transform into captivating blush white blooms, adorning gardens with an irresistible elegance. This variety’s exceptional form and foliage add an unmatched allure to any landscape, making it a sought-after choice among gardening enthusiasts.

Thrip-Resistant Beauty:

What sets the Yak FCC apart is its remarkable resistance to thrips, attributed to the indumentum and tomentum that grace the top surface of its leaves during the summer. This unique feature not only enhances its visual appeal but also fortifies it against common garden pests, ensuring a thriving and healthy plant.

Sun Tolerance and Versatility:

Renowned for its ability to withstand partial sun exposure, this woody, evergreen shrub from Japan exhibits a slow growth pattern, forming a dense, rounded mound. Its versatility shines as it reaches a height and width of 1m, making it an ideal choice for small gardens or container cultivation.

Ideal for Suburban Gardens:

The Yak FCC Rhododendron’s compact stature and thrip-resistant nature make it a perfect addition to suburban gardens. Often utilised as an edging plant at the forefront of landscapes, it graces gardens with its stunning blooms and attractive foliage, providing an enchanting front-row display.

This remarkable rhododendron, with its exquisite blooms, hardy nature, and adaptability, elevates the aesthetic appeal of any garden while offering resilience and enduring beauty

Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1m
Flowering Time: October

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