Rhododendron John Bull


Rhododendron John Bull has white flowers flushed with palest pink. Similar flower and beautiful perfume as fragrantissimum. Grows as a more compact shrub. Height 1.3m. Flowers October

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John Bull Rhododendron: Elegance in White with a Hint of Pink

The “John Bull” Rhododendron is a masterpiece of botanical elegance. Adorned with white flowers subtly flushed with the palest pink, it exudes a refined charm that’s hard to resist. This rhododendron is a testament to nature’s artistry, offering a fragrance and flower similar to the beloved “Fragrantissimum,” all while maintaining a more compact, shrub-like form.

A Symphony in White and Pale Pink: The blooms of the “John Bull” rhododendron are like ethereal whispers of nature. Their pristine white petals are gently touched by the palest pink hues, creating a soothing and enchanting visual display. It’s a truly harmonious combination that evokes serenity and grace in your garden.

Fragrance That Captivates: The “John Bull” rhododendron is a sensory delight. Its blooms carry a fragrance reminiscent of the beloved “Fragrantissimum” variety, filling your garden with a captivating and delightful aroma. It’s an invitation for you to linger and savour the scents of nature.

Compact Shrub Form: One of the notable features of the “John Bull” rhododendron is its more compact and shrub-like growth habit. This makes it an excellent choice for gardeners looking to create well-defined garden beds, or maintain a neat and organised landscape. Its manageable size allows for creative placement in your garden design.

Elegant and Controlled Growth: Over the span of a decade, the “John Bull” rhododendron typically reaches an eventual height of 1.3 meters, ensuring that it maintains an elegant and controlled growth pattern. This height is perfect for those who desire a low-maintenance but visually appealing addition to their garden.

Flowering in October: October is a month of transformation in the garden, and the “John Bull” rhododendron plays its part beautifully. It graces your outdoor space with its exquisite blooms, ushering in the season with its timeless charm.

In summary, the “John Bull” rhododendron is an embodiment of grace and elegance in the garden. Its white flowers with pale pink touches, reminiscent fragrance, and compact shrub form make it an exceptional choice for any landscape. Whether you’re creating a tranquil garden space or simply seeking the perfect sensory addition to your outdoor oasis, the “John Bull” rhododendron is a masterstroke of nature’s artistry.


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