Rhododendron Countess of Haddington


Rhododendron Countess of Haddington flowers are slightly fragrant, white flushed pale rose. Flowers the size of your large thumbnail smother this rhodo. Height 1.5m Flowering in October

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Countess of Haddington Rhododendron: Elegance in Fragrant Blooms

The “Countess of Haddington” Rhododendron has slightly fragrant flowers, white with a delicate pale rose flush, are a visual delight and a sensory treasure. Born from a lineage of ciliatum and dalhousiae var. dalhousiae, this rhododendron boasts a height of 1.5 meters after a decade of growth. It graces your garden with its charming presence in early October, adding an early burst of beauty to the transitioning seasons. While the fragrance is slight, it is complemented by the bushy growth pattern and small leaves, making it a hardy and practical choice for your garden landscape.

Fragrant White Blooms with a Pale Rose Touch: The “Countess of Haddington” rhododendron is a fragrant marvel. Its blossoms are a delicate palette of white, adorned with a gentle pale rose flush, creating a serene and timeless display. The fragrance that accompanies these blooms is an added layer of enchantment, beckoning you to savor the beauty of nature.

Botanical Heritage from Ciliatum and Dalhousiae var. Dalhousiae: This rhododendron’s pedigree traces back to the esteemed lineage of ciliatum and dalhousiae var. dalhousiae, ensuring it carries the grace and hardiness of its ancestors. It’s a testament to nature’s artistry and the strength of genetic inheritance.

October Splendour: Early October, the “Countess of Haddington” rhododendron graces your garden with its exquisite blooms. It adds a burst of beauty to the garden landscape when many other plants are just beginning to awaken. This early flowering period is a reminder that nature has a rhythm all its own.

Slight Fragrance and Hardy Characteristics: While the fragrance of “Countess of Haddington” rhododendron is subtle, its bushy growth pattern and small leaves are distinctive features. It sets itself apart by being hardier compared to its counterparts, “John Bull” and “Princess Alice,” ensuring that it thrives with ease in various garden settings.

In summary, the “Countess of Haddington” rhododendron is a botanical gem known for its fragrant, white blossoms with a pale rose flush. Its early flowering period, hardy attributes, and botanical heritage make it a delightful and practical addition to any garden. Whether you’re seeking an early burst of beauty or a resilient garden companion, the “Countess of Haddington” rhododendron delivers both with grace.

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