Rhododendron Kotuku


Rhododendron Kotuku reaches a height of 1.8 meters, boasting clear white flowers with a golden eye. Fragrant and late-blooming, it offers a delightful scent reminiscent of Christmas lilies. Its evergreen nature and attractive shiny foliage add to its charm.

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Meet Rhododendron Kotuku: Fragrant Elegance Blooming with Christmas Regality! 

Immerse yourself in the fragrant beauty of Rhododendron ‘Kotuku,’ an evergreen shrub that enchants with clear white flowers featuring a captivating gold eye. This late bloomer thrives in partial shade, requiring well-drained, fertile soil for optimal growth. To preserve its charm, it’s advisable to shield it from heavy frosts and apply mulch during summer.

Growing Tips and Unique Traits: Reaching a height of up to 1.8 meters, this superbly perfumed variety boasts soft pink buds that unfurl into clear white blooms with a stunning gold eye. Complemented by attractive, shiny foliage, this rhododendron evokes the regal beauty of Christmas lilies, offering both fragrance and visual delight. Its magony bark adds an appealing depth to its appearance, enhancing its overall allure.

Interesting Facts: Rhododendron Kotuku is not only a fragrant beauty but also remarkably tough, enduring frosts in Canterbury. The frosty weather accentuates the flower’s colors, revealing the true depth and charm of this stunning plant.

Unveil the charm and resilience of Rhododendron Kotuku at our RhodoDirect nursery or through our extensive online collection. Elevate your garden with this fragrant and enduring beauty, reminiscent of Christmas regality and offering a sensory delight with its alluring fragrance and appearance.

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