Rhododendron Van Nes Sensation


Rhododendron Van Nes Sensation has elegant dome shaped trusses of pale lilac, shade to a paler centre, giving a lovely pastel effect. Frilled florets, slightly scented Height 2m Flowering in October

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Elegant Van Nes Sensation the Lilac Splendor: Meet a Rhododendron of Sublime Beauty

The rhododendron we’re introducing here is a garden stunner in every sense. Its regal, dome-shaped trusses, adorned with pale lilac blossoms that gently fade to a paler center, create a visual masterpiece reminiscent of a pastel dream. These trusses feature frilled florets, each with a subtle fragrance that adds an extra layer of enchantment to this already captivating plant.

A Masterpiece of Parentage: (Sir Charles Butler x White Pearl) The origins of this rhododendron are as remarkable as its beauty. Born of the esteemed lineage of “Sir Charles Butler” and “White Pearl,” this botanical masterpiece carries the best traits of its parentage. The result is a hardy and fragrant rhododendron that is an absolute gem in any garden.

Minimum Height after 10 Years: A Majestic 2 Meters With its sturdy growth and impressive size, this rhododendron reaches a majestic height of 2 meters after a decade of growth. Its magnificent presence creates a commanding focal point in your garden, leaving an indelible impression on all who have the privilege of admiring it.

Flowering Time: October, the Month of Elegance In October, as nature transforms, this rhododendron takes center stage with its ethereal blossoms. The timing aligns perfectly with the season’s elegance, and it graces your garden with an explosion of lilac beauty just when you need it most.

Hardiness Beyond Expectation: While its exquisite appearance might suggest fragility, this rhododendron is anything but delicate. It is surprisingly hardy, even for a fragrant rhododendron. It has been successfully grown in Southland and Queenstown, where frosts are a common challenge. With minimal protection from the frost in these areas, it thrives, serving as a testament to its resilience and adaptability.

In summary, this rhododendron, born of prestigious parentage, is a true garden jewel. Its elegant lilac trusses, frilled florets, and enchanting fragrance make it a sublime addition to any landscape. Whether you’re seeking a garden centerpiece or a fragrant delight, this rhododendron exceeds all expectations, flourishing even in frost-prone regions.

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