Rhododendron Anne Teece


Rhododendron ‘Anne Teese,’ an Asiatic hybrid with delicate, scented blossoms and charming rusty paper bark, adding a unique touch to your garden.  This 1-2m tall Australian hybrid boasts captivating pink blooms and a stronger fragrance than its counterpart, Harry Tagg.

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Rhododendron ‘Anne Teese’ – Fragrant Elegance with Rusty Charm

Description: Introducing the Rhododendron ‘Anne Teese,’ an exquisite Asiatic hybrid renowned for its enchanting fragrance and prolific blooming. This delightful plant embodies a delicate touch in its blossoms and leaves, complemented by the captivating appeal of rusty paper bark, enhancing the allure of any garden.

Distinctive Traits: Cloaked in captivating pink tones, this Australian hybrid reaches a moderate height of 1-2m. Its distinct fragrance sets it apart, offering a stronger aroma compared to the similar Harry Tagg variety. Anne Teese showcases resilience to sunlight while enchanting with its fragrant blossoms and soft foliage.

Available at Our Nursery: Explore the delightful Rhododendron ‘Anne Teese’ at our nursery! Unveil its fragrant blooms, soft foliage, and the captivating charm of its rusty paper bark.


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