Rhododendron Alpine Meadow


Rhododendron Alpine Meadow is a compact and fragrant hardy shrub that produces stunning white flowers in spring. Flowering time is late September 1.2m in height.

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Rhododendron Alpine Meadow is a beautiful and versatile shrub. which typically blooms in late September to October, with yellowish white slightly fragrant flowers that profusely cover the dwarf plant depending on the climate and growing conditions. This makes it a great option for adding some color to your garden in the early spring. Rhododendron Alpine Meadow is a hardy, compact, and beautiful shrub that is perfect for New Zealand gardens. With its stunning white flowers, glossy green fragrant 5cm long leaves, and easy-to-care-for nature, it is sure to impress. This shrub typically grows up to 1.2m tall and 1.2m wide, making it perfect for small gardens or as a container plant. Rhododendron Alpine Meadow is a hardy plant that prefers well-drained soil and partial shade, but will tolerate a full sun position. It can tolerate cold temperatures and windy conditions, making it an excellent choice for New Zealand gardens. This plant also benefits from regular watering and fertilising during the growing season. If you are looking for a rhododendron that is easy to care for and provides a stunning display of flowers, Rhododendron Alpine Meadow is an excellent choice. It is also worth noting that this plant has a hybrid parentage of R. faberi and R. decorum, which gives it some unique traits. Flowers are yellowish white and profusely cover the dwarf plant. Habit is tidy and compact with attractive foliage.   Flowers are lightly fra.grant
Hardy to sunny conditions.

Parentage: (leucaspis hybrid)
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 60cm
Flowering Time: September