Rhododendron COS


Rhododendron COS has fragrant white blooms reaching 1.2m in 10 years! Flowering in mid-September, this delightful rhododendron captivates with its fragrant, creamy-white flowers. Enjoy the charm of its bushy, compact growth habit.

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Cos Rhododendron: Fragrant Elegance from New Zealand’s Gardens

The Rhododendron ‘Cos’ stands as a testament to New Zealand’s horticultural prowess, raised in the late 1960s to early 1970s. This remarkable variety is celebrated for its springtime display of fragrant, creamy-pink flowers that enchant the senses.

A Fragrant Springtime Spectacle

Spring heralds the arrival of ‘Cos’s fragrant blossoms, adorned with creamy-pink hues that appear mid September that lend an air of elegance and charm to any garden. This evergreen shrub boasts a compact, bushy growth habit, reaching a modest height of approximately 1.2 meters.

Embrace the Fragrant Beauty of ‘Cos’

Discover the allure of Rhododendron ‘Cos’ in your garden! Elevate your landscape with the delightful fragrance and subtle creamy-pink blooms of this distinguished New Zealand-bred rhododendron.

Available Now at Our Nursery: Transform your garden with the enchanting beauty of Rhododendron ‘Cos’! Experience the fragrant bliss and the exquisite charm of its creamy-pink blooms by visiting our nursery today or ordering online. Elevate your garden’s elegance with this New Zealand-bred masterpiece.

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