Rhododendron Mi Amor


Rhododendron Mi Amor has a strong perfume. Large white flowers with flushed yellow throat. Heavily textured leaves. Vigorous growing and a little open in habit. One of our most popular fragrant rhodos. Protect buds from heavy frost. Height 1.5m Flowering in October

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Mi Amor Rhododendron: A Fragrant Embrace of White and Yellow

The “Mi Amor” Rhododendron is a botanical treasure that promises an enchanting embrace of fragrance, texture, and captivating beauty. Though it may not grace us with buds in 2023, its exceptional qualities are worth celebrating. With its strong perfume, large white flowers kissed by a flushed yellow throat, and heavily textured leaves, it remains a perennial favourite among fragrant rhododendrons. This vigorous grower, albeit with a slightly open habit, has earned its place as one of the most sought-after aromatic rhododendrons in our collection.

A Perfumed Love Letter to Your Garden: The “Mi Amor” rhododendron is like a fragrant love letter to your garden. Its strong perfume lingers in the air, creating an ambiance of romance and charm. Each petal of its large white flowers holds a secret—a flushed yellow throat that adds a dash of warmth and contrast. The combination of fragrance and colour is an irresistible invitation to both garden enthusiasts and admirers alike.

Textured Leaves That Tell a Story: The leaves of the “Mi Amor” rhododendron are not just foliage; they are pages in a botanical story. Heavily textured, they add depth and character to the plant. They are a testament to nature’s artistry, creating a tactile experience for those who encounter this exceptional rhododendron.

Vigorous Growth with a Unique Open Habit: This rhododendron is not just beautiful; it’s robust and vigorous in its growth. While its growth habit is slightly open, it gives the plant a unique character and appearance that stands out in the garden. Its height can reach an impressive 1.5 meters within a decade, creating a commanding presence.

Flowering in October: October is a month of transformation in the garden, and “Mi Amor” plays its part perfectly. It graces your outdoor space with its exquisite blooms, filling the autumn air with its enticing fragrance.

Protection from Heavy Frost: While “Mi Amor” brings love and warmth to your garden, it’s important to reciprocate with care. Protect its buds from heavy frost, ensuring that its beauty remains unspoiled.

In summary, the “Mi Amor” rhododendron, with its fragrant embrace of white and yellow, is a botanical jewel. Its texture, fragrance, and vigorous growth make it a cherished addition to any garden. Whether you’re seeking a fragrant love story in your garden or simply a unique and vibrant presence, “Mi Amor” is a testament to the beauty of nature’s expressions.

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