Rhododendron Ed Hillary


The Ed Hillary Rhododendron, with its captivating foliage and cream flowers, is a compact plant ideal for shaded areas, standing 1.2 meters tall.

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The Ed Hillary Rhododendron is a visually captivating plant, renowned for both its striking foliage and exquisite flowers. This variety presents medium-sized clusters of cream blooms with delicate spotting on the top lobe, complemented by lush foliage boasting oval-shaped leaves and vibrant red stems.

It forms a compact and dense shrub, blooming early in September and reaching a height of 1.2 meters. Thriving in shaded areas, it appreciates protection from the hot afternoon sun. Collect the series of Mount Everest, Tensing, and Ed Hillary Rhododendrons to honor New Zealand’s mountaineering legacy.

Curious about the Ed Hillary Rhododendron? Feel free to reach out and let’s discuss how this beautiful plant can enhance your garden!

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