Rhododendron Ostbo Red Elizabeth


Rhododendron Ostbo Red Elizabeth Clear red flowers smother the plant followed by stunning deep red new growth. Height 1m Flowering in September

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Unveil Ostbo Red Elizabeth: A Symphony of Clear Red Beauty! 

Witness the captivating Ostbo Red Elizabeth Rhododendron with its abundance of clear red flowers enveloping the plant. Its subsequent deep red new growth ensures enduring garden charm, creating an ever-evolving landscape masterpiece.

Growing Tips and Unique Traits: This rhododendron boasts incredible new growth, with striking red trusses of flowers that emerge, adding an enchanting allure to any garden. Its unknown parentage only adds to the mystique surrounding this remarkable variety, making it a must-have for garden enthusiasts seeking long-term visual appeal.

Interesting Facts: The Ostbo Red Elizabeth Rhododendron blooms in September, offering a spectacle of vibrant red trusses that harmonize beautifully with its deep red new growth.

Explore the enduring beauty of the Ostbo Red Elizabeth Rhododendron and other captivating varieties at our RhodoDirect nursery or in our diverse online collection. Elevate your garden with this enchanting beauty, boasting a symphony of clear red blooms and remarkable new growth.

Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1m
Flowering Time: September

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