Rhododendron Pepperpot


Rhododendron Pepperpot a stunning rhododendron with yellow flowers which have red spotting inside lower lobes. The bronze new foliage is also a feature of this compact growing rhododendron. Height 1m Flowering in October

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Pepperpot Rhododendron: Where Elegance Meets Radiance in Yellow and Red Splendor! 

Prepare to be captivated by the Pepperpot Rhododendron, a truly striking variety adorned with resplendent yellow flowers, each graced with captivating red spotting inside their lower lobes. This eye-catching feature, complemented by its compact growth, presents an enchanting spectacle in any garden. Notably, the Pepperpot’s appeal extends beyond its blooms—its bronze new foliage emerges as a distinctive highlight, enhancing its overall allure and setting it apart as a visual masterpiece.

Growing Tips and Unique Traits: Derived from the ‘Goldbug’ and an unnamed semi-dwarf orange Halfdan Lem hybrid with unknown parents, the Pepperpot Rhododendron showcases its beauty with a minimum height of 1 meter after a decade of growth. Its flowering time in October brings forth a burst of color, marking the arrival of its radiant blooms. What truly distinguishes this variety is its ability to merge elegance with vibrancy, as the yellow flowers adorned with red spotting harmoniously contrast against the backdrop of its captivating bronze new foliage, creating an enchanting landscape.

Interesting Facts: Pepperpot Rhododendron stands as a testament to nature’s artistry, combining radiant yellow blooms intricately adorned with red spotting that adds depth and charm. Its compact growth and the interplay of colors make it a highlight of any garden, showcasing a blend of elegance and vibrancy that’s sure to captivate garden enthusiasts.

Explore the unparalleled beauty of the Pepperpot Rhododendron at our RhodoDirect nursery or browse through our diverse online collection. Elevate your garden with this stunning embodiment of elegance and vibrancy, a radiant showcase of yellow and red splendor that adds a touch of enchantment to your outdoor haven.



‘Goldbug’ x unnamed semi dwarf orange Halfdan Lem hybrid of unknown parents.

Minimum Height after 10 Years:


Flowering Time:


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