Rhododendron Fantastica


Rhododendron Fantastica flowers are rose pink with white throat. Very compact grower because of the Yak in its parentage. Will stay tight as a mature rhodo.Height 1.5m Flowers in October. Thrip resistant.

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Enter the world of the exquisite Fantastica Rhododendron, a mesmerizing beauty that boasts rose-pink flowers adorned with a striking white throat. This compact grower, owing to its Yakushimanum parentage, presents a unique charm—it remains remarkably tight and compact even as it matures, showcasing its elegance in any garden setting.

Born from the union of R. Mars and R. Yakushimanum, the Fantastica Rhododendron stands tall with a minimum height of approximately 1.5 meters after a decade of growth. Its flowering season in October offers a visual delight, adding a burst of color and charm to gardens during the transition from spring to summer.

Fun Fact: Embracing its Yakushimanum lineage, the Fantastica Rhododendron showcases thrip resistance, a significant advantage in regions susceptible to thrip infestations. When planted among a variety of green plants in the summer, its silver tomentum stands out, creating a captivating visual contrast against the lush greenery, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the garden.

Despite its compact growth habit, this rhododendron exhibits a fast-growing nature for a Yak hybrid, ensuring a steady yet manageable development in the garden. Its relatively low-maintenance needs make it a sought-after addition for both experienced and budding gardeners.

Whether planted as a standalone specimen or nestled among other greenery, the Fantastica Rhododendron offers an exquisite blend of beauty, resilience, and practicality. Its striking flowers, thrip resistance, and unique foliage ensure it stands out

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