Rhododendron Buna


Rhododendron Buna is a rich warm cream flowers open from peachy/red buds. Very floriferous. Well formed trusses of very open, star like flowers. Dense mounding habit and deep green foliage. A fantastic plant. Height 1.2m Fowers October

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Buna Rhododendron: Flourishing Elegance in Creamy Hues

Buna Rhododendron presents a captivating display with its rich, warm cream blooms that unfurl gracefully from delightful peachy-red buds. Abundantly floriferous, this plant showcases well-formed trusses of open, star-like flowers, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Its dense, mounding habit and deep green foliage further enhance its allure.

Distinct Floral Display:

The Buna Rhododendron boasts an impressive floral exhibition with its rich cream flowers emerging from peachy-red buds. These star-like blossoms form beautifully shaped trusses, creating a charming and vibrant spectacle in the garden.

Compact Growth and Resilient Foliage:

With a compact and mounding habit, this rhododendron reaches a height of approximately 1.2 meters after a decade of growth. Its dense growth pattern and deep green foliage not only contribute to its aesthetic appeal but also showcase its resilience and durability, particularly in tough environmental conditions.

Preferred Environment and Blooming Season:

Buna Rhododendron, while slightly sun-tolerant for its apricot hue, thrives best in dappled shade spots. The creamy yellow flowers, along with their tough, resilient leaves, make this variety an excellent choice for gardens seeking vibrant yet hardy floral additions. It flowers exuberantly in October, adding a burst of color to the autumn landscape.

Buna Rhododendron embodies a captivating fusion of creamy blooms and resilient foliage, offering an enchanting floral display suited for a variety of garden settings.

Parentage: Yaku Sunrise x Lems Cameo
Minimum Height after 10 Years: 1.2m
Flowering Time: October

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