Rhododendron Devonshire Cream


Rhododendron Devonshire Cream has creamy yellow flowers, deep red blotch at base; compact ball-shaped trusses. A slow growing, dense plant. Height 1.5m. Flowers in November.

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Rhododendron Devonshire Cream: A Radiant November Bloomer

Immerse your garden in the creamy radiance of the Rhododendron Devonshire Cream. Adorned with creamy yellow flowers boasting a deep red blotch at their base, this rhododendron stands as a testament to elegance. Its compact ball-shaped trusses offer a visual delight, showcasing nature’s artistry. A slow-growing, dense shrub, reaching a modest height of 1.5m, this plant thrives when shielded from the scorching afternoon sun.

Illuminate Your Garden in November: Bring forth the November magic with the resplendent blossoms of the Rhododendron Devonshire Cream. Its creamy yellow flowers, accentuated by deep red blotches, create an enchanting sight in your garden landscape. Ideal for those seeking a slow-growing, compact shrub, this rhododendron adds a touch of sophistication to any garden corner. Embrace the Devonshire Cream and infuse your garden with November’s floral beauty.

Transform your garden with the radiant beauty of Devonshire Cream! Purchase this November bloomer and enhance your outdoor space.

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