Rhododendron Betsie Balcom


Rhododendron Betsie Balcom has funnel-shaped flowers, with a currant-red at edge, fading slightly at throat. New growth tinged red. Plant rounded, branching well, 1.2m Flowering November. Hardy.

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Dress Your Garden in Currant-Red Elegance with Betsie Balcom Rhododendron! 

In the vibrant realm of rhododendrons, the Betsie Balcom variety shines as a mid to late-season star. Adorned with funnel-shaped flowers boasting a rich currant-red hue along their edges, these blooms gracefully fade to a softer tone at the throat. A standout feature of this variety is its new growth, tinged with a stunning red hue that adds a captivating dimension to any landscape.

Growing Tips and Tricks: For optimal growth, plant Betsie Balcom rhododendrons in well-draining, slightly acidic soil with partial shade. Ensure consistent moisture without waterlogging. Regular mulching helps maintain soil moisture and regulates temperature fluctuations. Prune lightly after flowering to maintain its rounded, well-branched form.

Interesting Facts: Did you know that rhododendrons are part of the Ericaceae family, which includes blueberries and heathers? They are also the national flower of Nepal, known for their diverse and colorful blooms.

Whether exploring our wide-ranging online collection or visiting our RhodoDirect nursery at 3/377 Halkett Road, West Melton, Christchurch, embrace a spectrum of rhododendrons waiting to enhance your garden. Handpick these stunning plants to complement your landscape vision, infusing your outdoor space with nature’s vivid hues.

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